•  4/24/2021 06:00 AM - 6/5/2021 06:00 PM
  •   Roosevelt Island Gallery Main Ave

At the XXth Vernissage of the Roosevelt Island Gallery I'm exhibiting my latest painting, "Winter Dream". It is an acrylic on wood panel, with tiny glass pieces on the top of the paint. I wanted to recreate the atmosphere that a frozen window gives us, with icy flowers, distorted shadows - and a dream. size : 18"H x 24"W a photo unable to capture its 3D dept, or reflections of the glass pieces.

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  •  4/3/2021 01:00 PM - 4/30/2021 05:00 PM
  •   Williamsburg Art &Historical Center Brooklyn, 135 Broadway

In this juried exhibition I exhibit my new photography series of The Vessel and the Hudson Yards.

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  •  4/1/2021 06:00 PM - 4/18/2021 04:00 PM
  •   456 Broadway, New York, NY, USA

exhibition organized by New York City Arts Empire Gallery. " 5 Boroughs Art Fair" is presented by 5 artist; I represent Manhattan with my series of photographs I took at the Vessel and Hudson Yards last December.

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  •  3/15/2021 06:00 PM - 4/2/2021 06:00 PM
  •   454 West Broadway, New York, NY, USA NYCAE GALLERY

Opening reception of this onsite exhibition will be held on March 15, 5-8 pm. I'm participating with my composite photograph, titled "Salvador Mundi" edition 1/12 in the New York Arts Empire Gallery, in Soho.

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  •  11/7/2020 01:00 PM - 1/17/2021 05:00 PM
  •   135 Broadway, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY, USA

Williamsburg Art & Historical Center ( WAH ) onsite exhibition, " Works created during the lockdown" open, juried exhibition with opening reception - in mask - Saturday 1-6pm the Center selected my painting I created earlier in 2020, titled "Winter mystery". an acrylic and glass painting on wood panel.

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  •  9/25/2020 06:00 PM - 10/31/2020 06:00 PM
  •   481 Van Brunt Street, Brooklyn, NY, USA

" Current(S) Fall exhibition - ONSITE - in the Art Center in Red Hook. I show six new photographs, titled " Strange Harvest" , The show is open Saturdays and Sundays from 1pm to 6 pm.

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  •  8/29/2020 10:24 AM - 8/29/2021 03:25 PM
  • Online Event

As an elected member of this nationwide, prestigious organization, I participate in the 106th annual, open, juried exhibition with my oil painting, titled Messages of New York No.3. The closing Reception will be held on the 15th of September. The club is open daily, weekdays 1-6 pm, weekends 1-5 pm.

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  •  8/15/2020 12:00 PM - 9/19/2020 06:00 PM
  •   Red Hook Art Center Brooklyn, 498 Van Brunt St Brooklyn, New York

LIVE SUMMER exhibition in the beautiful, rustic building right at the scenic waterfront of Red Hook. I exhibit here my two recent paintings : "Messages of New York No.4:Your Choice " acrylic on wood panel, depicting "signs" or words... "Winter Mystery" is another acrylic on wood panel, buton the surface I incorporated tiny sparkling glass pieces, enhancing the frozen window- feeling...

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  •  5/30/2020 12:00 PM - 7/26/2020 06:00 PM
  •   481 Van Brunt St Door #7, Brooklyn, NY, USA

Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition's Spring exhibition : Art from the Inside! Members' show. ONLINE ONLY DUE TO COVID 19 I have displayed 2 of my recent paintings

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  •  2/8/2020 11:07 AM - 8/30/2020 06:00 PM
  •   Williamsburg Art and Historical Center

I'll be exhibiting two of my abstract photographs in this great contemporary art show. Title : "Floating No.4" and "Floating No.5." color photographs on metallic paper, in frame.

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  •  11/11/2019 01:11 PM - 11/22/2019 06:13 PM
  •   Salmagundi Club New York

In this annual, opened, juried exhibition I participate with my oil painting, titled "Messages of New York No.2. " . a part of a series, this one depict Times Square, New York, in sunset, showing the not so touristy face of the area. However the real theme is the signs here, as on every paintings of this series. In the center, there is a white ad board , which is the seed of this painting: "Look up from your phone, it's REAL here". I placed this ad from a different location, aiming to achieve double irony, as Times Square is anything, but real...I'm trying to point out the danger of our convenient cell phones, meaning how it deform our language, thoughts, gives us the illusion of "real" communication...

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  •  9/13/2019 08:00 PM - 10/12/2019 10:00 PM
  •   Bergen County Players Theater ,NJ, USA

My solo photography exhibition , a selection of my recent pictures; this contain 7 abstract and 9 - more representational photos. All are limited edition of 12, mostly on metallic paper, framed in 16 inches by 20 inches frames.

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  • $0.00
  •  1/26/2019 11:55 AM - 2/24/2019 04:57 PM
  •   Williamsburg Art & Historical Center, Brooklyn

Reception open to the public on the 26th of January. Closing party/dinner on February 24th.

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  •  1/8/2019 12:00 PM - 1/25/2019 05:00 PM
  •   National Arts Club , 15 Gramercy Park New York City

This upcoming exhibition is organized by the oldest , only female artists organization in the U.S.. The 122nd annual , open, juried exhibition is a nation wide art show, where a selected artist can have one work to show, either a painting, graphic art or sculpture.(no photography, or digital art). I'll be exhibiting my recently finished oil painting, "Messages of New York No.3.", I just exhibited at the Audubon Artists 76th annual, open, juried exhibition in the Salmagundi Club, 47 Fifth Avenue New York City. The Audubon Artists organization chose my painting for the advertising poster (with 3 other works), that was shown in the kiosk in front of the Club on Fifth Avenue.

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